Those days are gone

Stronger togheter

Little Niall...



Happy faces


I wish I was a scarf , cause then i could be around their neck all day


I'm blinded cause heaven is beside me


Casino Royale

How much they grow, in just one year

Rule the world




Jumping high, party hard, but don't play with a girls heart


Thanks for all the cute comments :) Please spread our blog, if you want to. Hugs xxxx Okej helt                           ärligt känns det lite småtöntigt att skriva på engelska, men det får ni stå ut med!

Cause they've got that... 5 things!

Harry: Louis is mine! Zayn: No way!!!

One Direction on the front page of a Swedish magazine, I'm proud.

Wish I was the one they were talking to

Just a normal day and I can some really good lookin' guys passing by

Stop the traffic... And let it through.

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