Be strong boy

Stay strong Zayn

So far away, but always here, always near

Look the same, here they came,


I want to...



Sorry for the bad quality of some pictures,

but the quality gets worse when we make the pictures bigger!

"I'm a Bradford bad boy"


We love you

Woop woop yeah!

I love the way you smile with your eyes baby!

I'm going to be with you all the time, even though the moment passed by

Look a like

Talented, love this one

Blue eyes, Black eyes, Perfect eyes

Did Danielle teach you that Liam?

Haha måste  bara säga att jag älskar Harry i bakgrunden med, hahahha!

Blue man

I know that there was something you hide Lou

Sun goes down, you faces gets a smile, does this mean forever or I while se you in a while?

A saw your face, i felt in love, to commit it boy, you stoled my heart tonight


Forget about the clock that´s tick tick ticking


To my best friend Anna!

An real good looking model, can you please be mine?

Can a person get any hotter than this?!

"What are u lookin' at babe?"

Never been happier before this, when dreams comes true

untz untz untz

Flattered by you

Thumbs up boy

Facial expressions, 10 of 10

You smell soooo, good Liam!


Walking by

They got that one thing

He takes my breath away


He has skills

@Judges house

Always beautiful

In red

Mini Hazzaaa

Don't care if it's old, you guys will never change in my eyes cause I will always love you

Thats it, i promise you we aren't the same, i promise

Where is the rest of your body Zayn, did you hide it?!

Do the same thing, but being so individual

My heart race, when I se ya


Aww BooBear

Someone buy me one?!

Got yaa on picture!

Say oooooooooooohhh

All faces are pretty, but some of them are wonderful


Hi man!

Come at me bro

A picture says more than a thousands words, a gif says everything

For Nokia


Hi gorgeous!

I know, I'm the boss

This is sooo good!

Cred to the one  who did it!

The ones

Watch me doing it all over, again

You can really se how we, the fans, make their days as they make ours

Just so everyone know

As hopefully everyone know it isn't our own pictures. We don't know all the sources from them and thats why we don't wrote them, if it don't stands on the picture. So if you se a picture, drawing or gif that belongs to you (we really want you to be honest about this), then tell us cause if you do, we will immidiately link your page or wrote under the picture that it's yours!

Gotta be you

Simple but effective

Soooo sorry for bad quality but this is the only pictures i found of him from that photoshoot!

Stuck in the moment


Omg omg omg omg omg, do it again, again, again, again and again

Kind Of Manga Direction

Perfoming is not just about perfoming, you also have to feel the song and the public, know that they are with you

Laughing out Loud

The charming type


I can se Louis in the background but when Harry smiles he's complete everything

Heeeeeyy brooo!

Don't care about who you just become, i care about everything you always are

Like brothers

Harry Styles <3

Little Louis

I want, I want, I want to be loved by you

Big or small, I love them all

Sorry for bad quality!

Back on track

Hi, sorry for bad updates, but we've both been away on vaccation for a week. I don't know why I'm writing in english... ? Heheheh, well, bye! <3

All this compiles our boys

Walking through so many girls life

Thumbs up

Irish boss

Your smile is like a kryptonite

The band

OMG, hahaha!

Ready for some action?!

I know Niall would like this!

Welcome to our crib!

Niall: "This is my house, yeah!"
Zayn: "Nooo!"


True Story

Deepest of all oceans and he's still there

Isn't he lovely?

Playing around, never been so fun to watch, before this

"I love, I love, I love, hey"



Food'n stuff!

One, two, three, flick............... yeah!

Stand up

You make my day

Running down the street with my best mates

Dress up for the moment

Blue eyes

Keep up the good work

LINK  Give me a mwwwaaaahhh LINK

Always there for ya'


Our Guys


That really hurt Charlie!




I would swim all the oceans, just to see you smile


Dj Malik



Åhh, imorgon kommer dom till Sverige.. Jag vet att bara jag och ...... läser detta, men måste avreagera mig, för jag är så ledsen för att jag inte kan träffa dem. :( Och lär väl aldrig göra heller. Sorgligt sorgligt.

I wanna' save you tonight

(Bilder med fler en tre personer i läggs i kategorier med "hela bandet")


Thumbs up

/Anna & Klara

Then I saw you face, i fell in love.



Liam: wtf?!


Louis the Leader!


I believe that this friendship will never end.


You lookin' at me, he's lookin' at me!




You don't know your beutiful


He's always there for ya'


Trying to not fall, for you




Makes me laugh so hard




I'm trying to say that i'm the one. But this picture makes me feel that i'm the little girl in the crowd they don't even notice. But i'm still love them and want them to be like, mine.


Don't matter if you're black or white




I always knew that there was something.


Oh, My, God,


Brothers helps each other


Awww, but he's not yours Timmy!


Coooooome ooooon




Cute ones


Dont know if i'm going to laugh or cry...


Hopelessly in love


Cool kids


The fifth thing


Imagine it was a real one

We all love Niall


One year ago...




Making me, make me, make me want to, want to, oh


All day, All night


Biceps and Tennis


One Thing



Do your thing.


Beautiful blue


One band, one dream, 1D


Hallehlulja it's raining men!


Thats WMYB !


Rich for the stars and maybe your dream came true.


Niall in Sweden last summer, warmer/hottest then ever...


I like girls who........... eat carrots! And Zayn's just vain...


Some never grown up, i want to be like peter pan.


Harry Edward Styles




When i se your face, there is not a thing that i would change, cause boy you're amazing, just the way you are


You make me wanna oh oh oh oh oh


Model: Niall Horan


The way you look in to my eyes, baby


Look who i brought with me..


He says that he want to be with you, cause you're his whole world!


Walking alone on the road


Just stuck in the moment


Soft and chillin'


Love you as much when bad days comes around!


Hi Zayn!


Almost swedish


When you don't have words for the moment!


Bearboo bros


He's hair is burning because he's hot like fire


If you know who all persons is, with just one look, you're a true directioner


Hi Hogwarts


Best friends laugh best




Show me what you've got'



Vart ett tillfälligt avbrott, men nu är vi back on track!

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