Boys with green

Stronger togheter

Beautiful day



Little Niall...

Angel from above

Cause I can't love you more than...

Gotta be you



Vi har inte lagt av!

Vi har bara överranskande mycket plugg till skolan som tar över! :( Vi har i allafall en ny gästbloggare här som ska börja vid påsk! Liksom denna blogg kommer ligga lite halft nere tills dess men glömm oss inte! Puss på er våra fina läsare!

Söker Gästbloggare

Hej, ursäkta för den dåliga uppdateringen de senaste dagarna men det är svårt att bara vara två och uppdatera samt hålla igång bloggen när man har så mycket man ska hinna med. Alltifrån aktiviteter till skolarbete. Därför söker vi gästbloggare eftersom statistiken likaså rasar ner när vi inte bloggar.

Vi vill att du skickar detta till



Hur länge har du varit ett fan av killarna?

Hur ofta har du tillgång till internet och hur länge?

Hur upptäckte du bandet?

Hur upptäckte du vår blogg?

Du ska kunna allt om dom, eller iallafall vilja lära dig det! ;)


Vilka säger detta (bilderna över)?

Ni kommer få bekräftelse om att er mejl kommit fram!


Svar på kommentar

Zayn lover om This is class:
HEEEJ! Ni måste svara på den hör kommentaren! vart kan jag hitta videon på den här

Svar: Hej, tyvärr måste jag göra dig besviken. Jag hittade gifen för typ ett halvår sedan, jag såg videon men vet inte vad den heter. Som hjälp kan jag säga att den är som ett intro till WMYB på en musik tv-show. Killarna hoppar in i en tunnelbana (se gifen på Liam), Sjunger What makes you beautiful i tunnelbanan, hoppar sedan ut den med massa tjejer efter och sedan "så springer dom in på scenen" Om du hittar den skulle det vara snällt att du kommenterade!

In my dreams, I'm the one he's texting to

Sad (or not), but tue...

Come closer

Happy faces






Imagine Harry being a mermaid



Sitting there all day long, and thinking of a girl like you but trying to move on



Never i find, someone like you

This is class

Can't. Control. Myself.




I wish I was a scarf , cause then i could be around their neck all day


Have some biceps


DJ Malik, once again



Wish I sat between Zayn and Niall... Or harry and Louis... Or in the middle... Just wish I was there.


How to flip your hair



Like a comic

Teckning av:


I'm blinded cause heaven is beside me




High five man


Lets party hard


Life is a masterpiece

Money can't by happiness

This is my personal favorite picture! Loooooooove it!! xx / Klara


Heheheh sure you are.... ;)






Black angel



Take a risk and live



Big man goes far



Harry imagine he self as a sexy cat






Guns and roses






Up all night photoshoot

Louis, did you hit Niall with the hammer?

Louis: "NOOO"

You've got that sparkle in your eyes that makes me wait and belive

Every. Body. Dance. Now!


What did ya' doing to me?!


" I Do!!!"

Look at that potato Niall

Imagine Zayns reaction when he sees you walking by


Haha good job Zayn!

Can't control myself

Casino Royale

Zayns face and Harrys thumb, just the way they are

Share experiences

Dyed your hair?


Just asking....

I would catch a grenade for ya, I would do anything for ya

I'm moving on, all day long, but still singing at you, this love song

Touch it Liam

Kids don't play with girls heart, they play with their cars cart

Food, hellyeah'

Always happy

This is big time

He's testing me

Looks like Harry is jealous of Niall touching Louis but, Liam what are you lookin' at?

Trapped by a wind

What's the matter bro?!

Laughing my as of, HAHAHA


Well hello!

"Turtle turtles"

Wanna go for a ride?

Vas happenin?

Before i get a superman, i'll be a superhuman


Like a boy


He's a model

I want to draw a smiley on your face

Saaaay what?


I recognize it all

Night bus in London

Did you se a nice bum Liam?!

Boys seems childish but there's real stuff inside their head


How much they grow, in just one year

Keep up the good work

If they only knew then what was waiting them

True words bro

Serious shit, tickling

How are u feelin' today my dear?

Zayaaaayyn, did you try it agaaaaiin?

Edge of glory

Run until your feet starts bleeding, or until you get a wall in you face


Couldn't find a bigger one, sorry!

This is the first photo shoot picture I saw of them

Getting emotional, haha!


Hes just stand there, signing some stuff and all the girls are like "WOW"

Guess whos eyes?

Live now

Hi mr Tomlinson

Cutest. Couple. Ever.

Traveling around

Loving someone, it's about forgive, pray, smile and understand

Feel busted

Standing on head

Hahaha lägg märke till att Harry drar ner tröjan men Louis upp, haha!

Irish people



California king bed

Day off

Smiling and looking in your eyes cause you've got that one thing

Doing like he use to, just better this time


It's in the genes, hahaha Niall

Todays picture

O.M.G sooo perfect!

Sorry for bad updates

Förlåt för dålig uppdatering, vi har mycket med skolan att fixa men vi försöker verkligen att sköta bloggen och uppdatera mer en 20 inlägg per dag iallafall. Vi hoppas ni förstår men om ni vill ha fler bilder är det bara att kolla i arkiven så länge, vi hörs! xx

What makes you Beautiful

Snow and voices

Follow you heart

Try, never give up, if you do, se it as a break and then rase your head up high again, higer

Just a boy

Untz untz untz partytime!

Spinn the ball and clap the dog


Ther is no guarantee that life is easy, but with guys like you on the planet i will make it through

Serious cause he don't want to lose you

Rule the world




You've right Simon

I love guys who plays guitar


From the stars above

1D Friends

Brit Award

Flirty one over here

Having fun

We found love in a hopeless place

Thinking of you all day long, just when I finally moved on




How about Eleanor Louis?


Love u!

Always someone in the spotlight

When he opens his mouth, wow

Still got tha' moves!

He has everything, he knows it, and is not afraid to show it


Can't really cope with this...


Perfect picture

Brothers, just sayin'

Soooo exited

Do you remember all this crazy stuff we used to do?




And you are always perfect




Does anyone know where to get these? If you know, please comment!

Na na na na na na na na na na

Larry Stylinson #3

I want, I want, I want, but that's not me

Look right look left, catching!!

And so it is, so true, so sad

If we could only turn back time

Jumping high, party hard, but don't play with a girls heart

I'm in love with you, and you don't even know I exist

Asking over and over again but never being responded

I'll never let go of you

Hi there!


Jag hittade denna för en månad sedan, den har spridits runt i fler länder och jag har bara väntat på att någon ska lägga upp den men ingen har gjort det, så till alla ni, gör det och sprid!





Thanks for all the cute comments :) Please spread our blog, if you want to. Hugs xxxx Okej helt                           ärligt känns det lite småtöntigt att skriva på engelska, men det får ni stå ut med!

"He has been training long and hard"

*Serious face*


A 'lalalalalong', is this a lovesong?

omfggnfshongjkfndjkbgjbdfuogfiogdf, can I marry you both?

Be cool boy

Brown hair, tanned skin, shorts, cutest brotherhood, what more could I ask for?

Vote for the funniest one:



Pretty new

Im sooo sooo sorry for the bad quality...

The boy whit the mustache

This boy got tha' moves


Baby you light up my world like nobody else <3

Like brothers

Liam Payne

Cause they've got that... 5 things!

Oh my lord, I think I'm gonna die...

Green Garden

Some really hilarious boys wear a hilarious black normal t-shirt

Can't control myself

Yes, I do!

Zayn got that one thing

Blue photoshoot

Harry: Louis is mine! Zayn: No way!!!

They got style

He wants to ask you out

Starring at you

Hello there!

Old poster from Top of the Pops


DJ Malik

Larry Stylinson forever


One Direction on the front page of a Swedish magazine, I'm proud.





My future husband...

How cute?

Wish I was the one they were talking to


You lose I won, lets bring it on

Tell me what you want, what you 'reallyreally' want

Music is a lifestyle


Just a normal day and I can some really good lookin' guys passing by

And I'm here, by your side, no more fear, no more cry

Like an angel

Bring it hard baby


If you jump, I'll jump

Oh, strong pose!

Stop the traffic... And let it through.

Worlds best boys

Spin the Harry, must be seen!

On Day Break

Trying to not fall, then i realize i'm already lying on the ground

But when you smile at the ground it's getting hard to tell

Hihi Hansome

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Your sexy and you know it

Stop the traffic and here we go

Next: Abercrombie models

I can't find words for this moment

Standing in front of the camera, like he's standing in front of me, oh my gosh how would that be?

Let the battle begin

Zayn Malik

Liam Pane, one word, Wonderful

Cute couple

Sometimes i believe it was me he was lookin' at, the I realize that i don't even was there

Don't care if it's black or white

Trying to be the best is hard when they already are

My heart is breaking like a bad storm


Young or old, he's heart will always be of gold

This is a wedding between Liam and Zayn, Harry is the pastor and Niall and Louis is the choir

Ying and Yang

"I can flip my hair and high five at the same time" COOOL!

Suit in that colour

I'm always here, beside you, even if you don't se

There he is

Best friends

Just five, beautiful, perfect, british and irish boys, my heart can't take it any longer

Jumped in to another world

"My worst habit is to get naked all the time!"

This is real shit!

Secret agents

Louis, I love you!

Imagine this, over your king size bed.

We only live once so smile


Big boys

This time it doesn't matter

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